Saturday, May 26, 2012

Painting Wooden Birdhouses

The other day we'd planned on heading over to playgroup at the water park when the winds picked up massively and sent us back inside. I needed some Velcro dots to finish the My Day schedule board, so we trekked off to JoAnn's. There was a big display of unfinished wood birdhouses when we walked in the door, and our fun day was back on. We took home 5 of them, got out the paints at the kitchen table, and spent the afternoon painting together companionably. We discussed important topics like "Jessie and Woody" and what to make for lunch. What a happy accident that wind turned out to be, as I traded an afternoon of shooing my kid back into the water features while I chatted idly with adults I barely know for good conversation and engaging activity with my favorite friend.

Meg started off painting each roof a different color.

Then she began layering other colors over the top.

The white paint made the layers especially lovely, I think.

After the roofs were done, she went back and did splotches of color all over the house sides. (Mine is the purple in back. I've got to admit, I like her free-form ones a lot better!)


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