Thursday, May 3, 2012

Outdoor Toy and Art Supply Storage

Edit - See the update to this post: our garage art studio.

Here's a quickie today. I've been searching for a few months for a way to store our messy art supplies outside, as well as something to contain our outdoor toys. Our area gets frequent high winds, as well as full desert sun all day, so we need something sturdy and fully-enclosed. It's important to me that Margaret be able to access the toys herself, too.

I finally settled on these Ikea Josef cabinets. We purchased two and bolted one atop the other (they come with the hardware to do so). They are secured to the house and close with a magnetic lock that Margaret can open herself.

In the top one, we have the art supplies.

17 bottles of ~16 oz paints and 2 large gallons

Top: rags, waterproof tablecloth, water balloons, hanging drying rack for wet artwork
Middle: shaving cream, glue, pie pans, paint tray, masking tape, loofah, paint cups, droppers, spray bottles

The bottom one holds Meg's toys.

The toys and supplies are now protected from the elements, but easy for Margaret to access and clean up again on her own.


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