Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pipe Cleaners and a Colander

I don't know who was the first to do it, but I've been seeing the idea all over Pinterest of threading pipe cleaners through the holes of a colander to create loopy sculptures. My kid loves pipe cleaners and she really enjoys fine motor skill activities. Can't miss with that one, huh?

I offered her a colander and the basket insert from my salad spinner, as well as a container of pipe cleaners. I demonstrated how to push the pipe cleaners through the holes and left her to it. She quietly worked at the activity for a good hour or so. Most of the pictures I've seen of others doing this activity have the pipe cleaners poked halfway through the holes or looped from one hole to another. Meg preferred to stick them all the way in until only a little nub remained visible. While it wasn't as pretty or sculptural, it did make for a fun magic trick, as she'd grab the nub and pull to make the pipe cleaner reappear!

The loop was mine. She wasn't impressed.

It got smashed down, too!


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