Monday, May 7, 2012

Battery and Electronics Storage

It sometimes seems like we've got batteries and extension cords coming out our ears around here. I used to chuck them all in a plastic drawer and dig through it every time I needed some juice, and that worked alright, but I've hit upon a better system now.

We have a lot of electronics that require fully-charged batteries, and once the charge runs down halfway, the electronic won't work anymore. Since those batteries still work fine for other devices, I don't toss them. But I hate when they get mixed in with full-charge batteries and I have to pull out the battery tester and spend time hooking every one up trying to find the strength I need.

I now store half-life batteries in an open plastic container along with the tester. When I go to change "dead" batteries, I give them a quick test. If they still half at least 50% power, I toss them in this container.

I store my brand new and rechargeable batteries in this divided container (can be found in the beading section of a craft store).

The extension cords still live in that plastic drawer in our utility closet, but they now have plenty of space so as not to end up tangled. We use them so frequently, I don't bother securing them. Beside them live electronics not frequently used, separated into baggies for quick accessibility.



Jen C. said...

I have my batteries organized too, but separating the 1/2 life ones for further use is a GREAT idea!! Thanks for the tip!

Jen C. said...

Love your blog - I'm your newest follower! :-)

Laura Ingalls wannabe said...

Welcome, Jen! So glad to have you!