Friday, May 4, 2012

Organized Utility Closet

We're in the middle of a million home- and yard-renovation projects, which take up the majority of our free time at the moment and can be exhausting and wearing. So I took some time out last weekend to decompress.

By reorganizing our utility closet.

It's a sickness, I tell you.

Everything's a lot more accessible now, though, and just plain nicer to look at. (Because that's a very important function of a utility closet...)

Cleaning supplies are at eye-level. (I store our kitchen cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink, and basic bathroom cleaning supplies in each bathroom.)

Cleaning tools on the top shelf:

Simple labels for easy identification

Chemicals below, sorted by use

Tools and Candles:

Batteries, loose change, and electronics

"Indoor tools" and a tackle box of hardware

Plug-in scents, matches, potpourri, tea lights, votives

At the top of the closet are storage containers not currently in use and fragile seasonal decor that can't be stored in the garage.

And down on the floor of the closet are our emergency kits and picnic supplies.

The vacuum slides right in, and mops are stored along the side.

Storage containers were purchased from from Dollar Tree, Target's Dollar Spot, or were already owned. Labels made with Epson LabelWorks label maker.


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Comeca Jones said...

Hi found you at bowl full of lemons while browsing organization.I am a follower!