Monday, October 19, 2009

Studio Portraits

We took Margaret to have pictures taken in her blessing gown today. The dress is over fifty years old and was used for my mom, aunt, sister, and my own blessing. My grandma crocheted the blanket, booties, and bonnet.

We also got some pictures of her in her sweet little owl outfit. Her owl blankie and pillow were there too, but got cropped out of these ones.

And a few pictures of Meg getting ready on her big day:

Make sure you get my good side!

Yike my hattum?

Yeah, 's cool.

8 Weeks

Every week, we take a picture of Margaret in the same rocking chair with an owl pillow I sewed and her owl blankie. We thought it'd be a cool way of tracking her growth. As she gets older and her growth slows down, we'll probably switch to every month or so. Unfortunately, I didn't think to start doing this until her three week birthday. Ah, well.

Three Weeks

Four Weeks

Five Weeks

Six Weeks

Seven Weeks

Eight Weeks

If you happened to notice that "baby got back" around six weeks, that'd be because we switched to cloth diapers around that time.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Margaret's First Bath

"Bath? Hang on, guys, let's talk this out..."

"No! Please, have mercy on me! I'm just a child!"

"Actually, this isn't so bad..."

"Hey, I like baths!"

"Whoa now, whatcha doing there?"

"Listen, lady, don't mess with the hair."

"I can has toga. Very funny. Now take it off."

"Can we be done now?"

"Baths... not quite so evil after all."

By the way, Mommy's very proud of the onesie in the last picture. She made it herself!