Thursday, July 17, 2008

One More Thing

You know that old joke where when someone gets hurt, you say you'll step on their foot so they won't even notice the paper cut?

Yeah, doesn’t work so much in real life. It's hard not to feel beaten down when one bad thing after another keeps coming.

We lost another pregnancy. This one was about 8 ½ weeks.

It's heartbreaking enough to lose a baby, but then life has to add insult to injury and put you through the actual miscarriage.

Just let me sit the bench a while, coach.


Al said...

I am soooo sorry! I know it's hard but you have to remember that Heavenly Father is watching over you, and if you miscarried it was for the best for the baby, and not because of anything you did. There is absolutely nothing you could have done to prevent this because nature will take it's course no matter what.
In addition, Heavenly Father does know you and your concerns and worries, and He knows what is best. It's hard to think about it in situations like this when you think, how can this possible be best? but He has a much broader picture which helps him see the outcome much better than we can.
Again, I am so sorry, and I hope you get feeling better soon.
I love you!

queen~e said...

I'm sorry for your loss. (hugs)

Have you had a blessing yet? When I miscarried, I was given an extraordinary blessing that reassured and comforted me more than I could have asked for.