Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Splash Pad (or Beach/Pool) Car Bag

Popping in for another quick post.

With two young kids, I don't bother planning our days in advance very often. Naps, feeding schedules, and general temperament swings just make it difficult. Many times, we'll be out running errands, and the thought strikes me to pop into the library or mall or park or local splash pad with the kids. So I like to be prepared. In the back of our van, I keep our library bag, quarters for the motion ride at the mall, a picnic blanket, and, most importantly, our splash pad bag.

Our splash pad bag has everything we need for a 10 minute jaunt or a 3 hour stay at the splash pad (or park or pool, for that matter).

Parasol to shade the baby, pail, large beach towel, flipflops so I can wade in the stream if I like, high SPF sunblock safe for the baby and suitable for me and Meg too, kids' swimsuits, Meg's coverup, James' sunhat.

I just grab my wallet, phone, and camera out of my purse (and sometimes snacks out of the glove compartment), and tuck them into the front pocket, and we're good to go. Anything else we might need in rare emergencies, like changes of clothes or first aid, is in the diaper bag left back in the car.

Woo-hoo, summer's upon us!



Ladies Holiday said...

what a great idea! thanks for sharing! ~Deirdre

Rebecca @ Time to Organize said...

You have so many awesome posts! Saw you over a bowl full of lemons. Happy to be your newest follower.

Laura Ingalls wannabe said...

Thanks, ladies, and welcome!

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

I love this idea. Perfect for flexible moms like me. So glad you linked up to Point of view.

Jonie Marie said...

Such a smart idea! You must be a fun mom :) I am thinking that I need to jump on this idea though and get a bag o' fun in my car too.

Thanks for linking up to Point of View!