Monday, March 25, 2013

Portable Storage for Hairstyling Supplies

I've previously shared Meg's hairbow storage. This is how we store all the rest of Meg's hairstyling supplies. Styling Meg's hair happens on my bed, her bed, on the family room couch, sometimes even at the kitchen table when we're in a rush, so portability is important for us. I like having everything visible, so open containers are a must for the way I work, especially when I'm juggling multiple strands of hair for a complicated style with a moving target.

These felt baskets are from Target's Dollar Spot, purchased at 70% off after a holiday. These are likely sold out, but they often have similar containers, after Easter will likely be a great time to find some. I've separated the accessories in a way that best suits my needs: jaw clips, snap clips, and scrunchies/ponytail baubles. You might prefer to do it by color or size.

This clear container is a drawer organizer from Dollar Tree in the kitchen area. I believe I got 3 for $1. It holds hair elastics.

This clear container actually came with a set of tiny elastics from Wal-Mart. It now holds small easily-misplaced clips.

At the top is another clear drawer organizer from Dollar Tree. It holds (l-r) spray bottle of water, glitter spray and pink spray purchased on clearance after Halloween for special days, hairspray (used very sparingly for portrait days and such), and detangler. It also holds a couple sizes of Topsy Tails, a rat tail comb, and a wide-tooth comb.

The blue and white chevron basket is from Ross, a steal at just $6. It's very sturdy and so pretty.


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Sansha said...

This is a good idea. I also have the problem that I always seem to be doing hair in a different location and a portable kit would make sense!

I ran a hair clip making stall at our school's open day this past Saturday so now I have more clips than ever!