Thursday, July 10, 2008


So my current craft obsession is ATCs, or Artist Trading Cards. Just like regular trading cards, but instead of displaying men in too-tight pants with dorky haircuts, they feature original art (which might include men in too-tight pants with dorky haircuts, but it's completely coincidental, I assure you).

They can be made with any medium, on any surface, and display any image. The only real rule is that they must be 2.5" x 3.5" (I make mine on old playing cards). They can be saved or traded. And I lurrr-ve them.

I found a group on Crafster that is trying to get through a list of 100 themes for their cards. I decided to play.

I've already given my first two away and didn't get any scans of them, but I did take a couple of quick photos first. Since they'd already been mod-podged, they were difficult to photograph. Flash washed them out, no flash blurred them.

Here they are though: (The first and second in picture 1, and the second and third in picture 2. Ignore the blue card 'til later.) The first card doesn't fit into one of the hundred themes (because I hadn't decided to play yet), but it's called "Green Finch in a Brocade Tree." The second was for the theme "Rainbow."

This one is "Last Hope," as take-out food is often our last hope for sustenance on a busy day.

"Waiting" (it scanned all crooked)

"Fortitude," because nothing fortifies me more than a cozy bed, yummy snack, and phone call to my mom.


"Happiness" (another crooked guy)

"All that I have"


8/100 Pretty fun, yeah? I highly encourage everyone to give it a whirl. Very addicting, though. I have to tell myself straight out that there is no ATC-ing until chores are done.


Al said...

Those are way cute, and do look like tons of fun. How are you making them?

a Laura Ingalls wannabe said...

I mostly stick to collage, 'cause it's my favourite (though I've started some acrylic paintings on a few). I glue magazine/picture cutouts, fabric, trim, charms, ribbon, etc to the playing cards, then mod-podge over them. I cover the back of the cards with decorative paper, then write the "trading card info" like my name, the name of the piece, edition number (if it's part of a series), and my email address. Then I mod-podge that too.

You should definitely try it whenever you get the time (not like you have anything better to be doing...). It's especially fun for a scrapper, I think. Then we'll have to trade.

Al said...

Sounds great, but what is mod-podge?

a Laura Ingalls wannabe said...

Mod-podge is a type of adhesive that also makes a great clear finish on paper crafts. It comes in matte and gloss. I put it on with a foam brush, but a paintbrush or your fingers works too. You can buy it in any craft store for a couple dollars.

You can make something similar with white glue and water, but it's not as strong. When I'm decoupaging large things, I usually use the white glue mix to adhere stuff, then the mod-podge to cover it after.

And there is my lovefest dissertation on the wonders of mod-podge.

Al said...

And it was a wonderful lovefest, thank you ever so much :)

a Laura Ingalls wannabe said...

Hey, I live to serve.