Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paint Chip Shade Matching - Fine Motor Activity

This activity was a bit fiddly to make, but I just plopped down in front of the Olympics one night last week and banged it out. It's a two-part "grow with me" sort of activity, which I love.

I got a rainbow of paint chips from Home Depot, 2 of each sheet. I first cut one of every color in half vertically. This provides a really simple introduction to shade matching. I started with just one chip of each color, so she only had to match blue to blue, green to green, and so forth.

Once she'd gotten the hang of matching the cards the right way - dark with dark and light with light - I added the clothespins I'd made. With some of the scraps from the cut paint chips, I Mod Podged each color shade onto its own clothespin. The activity is then to clip the clothespins onto the matching shade on the card.

I started by giving her just a few colors - red, blue, and yellow. Once she's mastered the concept, I gave her more and more cards and clips in her fun boxes.

This activity is great as it combines color recognition, shade grading, and fine motor skills.


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Michelle@ Learning to Be a Mom said...

This looks like such a fun idea. I love how simple it is.

Jen C. said...

My hubbie paints professionally, and our toddler is always bringing home a paint chip when she goes to the paint store with him. Now I can put those to use!