Saturday, March 9, 2013

Disney-Inspired Monsters, Inc. Mike Wazowski Shirt

I needed one more Disney-themed shirt for James to wear on our Disneyland vacation, but I wasn't liking anything I saw in stores. The only thing that struck my fancy was a Monster's Inc. onesie from Target, but it only came in infant sizes. So I decided to make my own. Finding a lime green top in his size proved difficult, but I finally spotted one in Wal-Mart. It had some screen-printed saying on it, but it was easily covered up by the applique. And it was only $3.50!

I used felt for the applique, because that was the only fabric I had on hand in the right colors. I went to our recycling shelves and grabbed some plastic lids in a few sizes to use as circle templates. I made two of the white one so it'd be thick enough that none of the screen printing underneath would show through. Then just a smaller blue and an even smaller black circle all bound together with fusible interfacing and stitched to the shirt with coordinating thread. I didn't have to tightly zigzag the edges, because the felt won't fray, so I did a simple straight stitch the disappeared nicely.

And here it is in action:

We got so many compliments on his shirt in the park. This is definitely one he'll be wearing over and over again. I was worried the 4 layers of felt would be cumbersome, but that didn't prove to be the case at all.


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