Saturday, November 19, 2011

Margaret's Closet

Margaret recently moved to a new big girl room to make room for James in the nursery. With this new big girl room came a nice double closet. Quite the step up from her previous awkwardly-placed single closet.

We decided the best use of space would be to put her dresser in the closet. This would allow for more floor space in her bedroom for playing (and the new play kitchen she's getting for Christmas - shh!), and since her clothes are still so short, it maximized wasted space between the floor and the high clothing rod inside the closet.

On top of the dresser, we placed a little storage shelf that was a handmedown from my grandma. We keep her hair clips, headbands, comb, and hair ties in the drawers. We hung her hair bow holder on the wall beside the shelf.

Her hanging clothes are sorted by type (jackets, church dresses, play dresses, skirts, pants, pullover sweaters, long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts) on color-coded hangers, because I'm neurotic like that.

Her dresser drawers hold:

Jammies - It's Margaret's job to put these away when I'm folding laundry, so they're never folded.

Outdoor play clothes

Socks, leg warmers, tights, bloomers, and hats

I made the drawer organizers using old children's shoe boxes covered in the same drawer liner that, you know, lines the drawers. This was seriously a pain, probably because I was so finicky about not having any bubbles in the liner, and because I wanted to use one continuous piece of liner for the insides. Then again, it could have had something to do with the fact that I was 36 weeks pregnant and trying to maneuver around a giant belly. Whatever the reason, I really can't say the bang was worth the buck in this circumstance. Who ever even sees the drawer organizers?

Margaret's cloth diapers are stored in another handmedown cabinet from my grandma.

On the top shelf of the closet, I keep two open crates. One is for clothes she's outgrown and the other is for clothes I buy ahead in larger sizes. The open crates allow me to just toss the items in as I find/buy them, and I can sort through them at my leisure.

And there you have more than you ever cared to know about my toddler's clothing storage system.


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