Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hey, can you hold these?

Margaret has a lot of hairbows.  Her aunt made a bunch for her when she was born, and we've slowly collected more over the past year.

I've always just kept them in a plastic bag in her nightstand drawer.  That is, until she became mobile and learned how to open drawers.  Is there anything more entertaining to a one year old than a plastic bag full of colorful ribbon?  Doubtful.

So on a whim yesterday, I poked around my craft room for something I could use to hang her bows on the wall.  I'd seen bow holders that were essentially a piece of ribbon attached to a wooden cutout of the child's initial, but I didn't have any wooden 'M's laying around, and I'm not a huge initial fan anyway.

I finally settled on a metal plate I had hanging on my craft room wall.

Craft room wall
I dug through my ribbon box and found a long piece that matched the plate exactly, turquoise blue with red accents.  I hot glued two pieces to the back of the plate.

I then put some little button magnets on the face of the plate to attach the metal clips of larger bows.

Total cost and time spent, $0 and 5 minutes.  Score!

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