Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet James

Our son was born on 11/3/11 at 12:33 AM after 2 hours of active labor. He was 8 lbs 2 oz and 21” long. After much deliberation, we’ve named him James Desmond.

James was born at a darling birth center, The Birth Sweet. It offered a home birth experience without the nuisances of actually giving birth at home (having my house company-ready for the midwife, cleanup afterward, a 30 minute drive to the nearest hospital should something go wrong, sending my toddler away from home to be babysat, etc). The midwife and her assistant were so calm, encouraging, and capable. It was incredible to have such control over the experience, versus my hospital stay with Margaret. Given the chance, we'll most definitely be using their services for all future births.

First Photo

None too pleased with the change of scenery.

James surprised us all with his size and strength. He's been holding his head up unassisted since birth. At 4 days old, he'd already surpassed his birth weight. He definitely doesn't seem any worse off for the difficult pregnancy.

Naming him was a bit more of a challenge than we'd expected. We went to the birth with the names Michael, James, and Adam earmarked. Immediately after birth, all 3 seemed to suit him just fine. For the next two days, I couldn't decide on a front-runner at all. Fritz definitely preferred James, but I just wasn't positive it was "the one." Just before heading out for his first doctor's visit, I decided he looked very much like an Adam to me. My husband, easygoing guy that he is, said Adam was just fine if it's what I wanted, but I knew he still preferred James. Sitting in the waiting area of the doctor's, I finally decided that since I loved all three names equally and my husband had a specific preference, it only made sense to go with that one. So James Desmond he is. I'm very happy with that decision.

Margaret is ob-freaking-sessed with him. She can’t handle letting him out of her sight for a second, seems to believe it’s her duty to keep us apprised of all his needs, and wants to talk about nothing but the “day-dee.” She just beams when she sees him and can’t keep her hands off his fuzzy little noggin. Suffice it to say she’s smitten.

I'd say he fits in just fine around here.


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