Wednesday, November 23, 2011

James' Closet

I don't play favorites around here. Margaret's closet got its own post, so it's only fair for James' closet to have a moment in the spotlight. (Please forgive the poor lighting in these pictures and the ones of Margaret's room. It's so overcast lately.)

The majority of James' clothes are kept at his changing table for convenience's sake. Can't walk away from a wiggly baby perched on the table, and I'm always noticing clothing needs at diaper changes: cold tootsies that need socks, a diaper leak on his jammies, etc.

I use Ikea Kusiner storage bins to hold his clothes. I love these bins so much. They're sturdy, roomy, have a see-through front panel to allow you to know at a glance what they hold, and they're a huge steal at just $5 apiece. I also love that they fold flat when not in use. We use them all over our house to store toys, books, clothes, stuff in the car, and more.

These ones hold:

Jammies and sleep sacks

Cloth diapering supplies

Onesies and hats

Bibs, burp cloths, and wash cloths

I also found some cleaning supply caddies at Target this summer for just $1.50 apiece. We use them to hold:

Swaddle blankets and pacifiers

Socks, mitts, booties, and shoes

Nothing too spectacular about his closet. His nightstand holds extra blankets. Beside that is gear he hasn't grown into yet. Up on the top shelf are extra disposable diapers, a container of teething toys/rattles for when he gets a bit older, and a bin for clothes he's outgrown and yet to grow into.

His clothes are arranged by size and, further, by type and color. Again, the closet neurosis. Just embrace it. My family has.



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Cary Milkweed said...

Belated CONGRATS to all of you! He is absolutely beautiful, and he's got an awesome closet! Blessings!

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