Sunday, January 2, 2011

After-Christmas Sales

Did you get any good bargains at the after-Christmas sales this year?

I managed to get out pretty early Monday morning (luckily for me, most of the people where I live don't shop on Sundays) and hit the jackpot at Target.  The day after Christmas, everything holidayis 50% off, but wait just a day or two longer, and the prices drop to 75% off.

I got both indoor and outdoor door mats:

I also got some cute paper tableware. Margaret will be at a great age to get a kick out of it next year:

I got a darling twin flannel bedding set for her eventual big girl bed, as well as some tip towels and a shower curtain for the basement guest bath:

We definitely needed some more colored lights for our front yard, and I think these foil snowflakes will look fun hung over the kids' tree in lieu of a tree topper:

This rug is currently festive-ing up Margaret's room. Every time she walks in there, she bends over it and says, "Oh!"

I snagged lots of containers for gifting goodies to friends and neighbors. If you look closely at the bows, you can see some have polka dots on them:

These Christmas books (one is a scratch and sniff!) and mini wooden puzzles will make good stocking stuffers or goody bag gifts:

I don't make cookies often, but I thought these cutters would be great for making cheese and meat hors d oeuvres look more festive:

I got some Christmassy fabric for 75% off at Joann's. I think I'll use the lamé for myrrh and frankincense gift bags (still need to find some gold fabric), the Santa fabric for a Santa gift bag, and the remaining fabrics for rip and tear napkins.


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