Thursday, January 20, 2011

Waldorf-Inspired Toys

This week I've been working on some Waldorf style toys for Margaret. I made two ribbon streamer rings, just sort of experimenting with different ways to attach the ribbons. I'll give her the rainbow one for Valentine's day and the pastel one for Easter, I think. I also made her a fabric scrap bag. She loves to play with my fabrics in the craft room, so I thought I'd give her some of her own. I think this will be an Easter gift.

Rainbow Streamer

I made this one by cutting 1 yard of each color ribbon (and a few strands of white) and stitching them onto the ring.  The stitching allows the ribbons to be loose enough to slide freely around the ring.  I used a reed purse handle from Joann's for the ring. If I were to make one of these to sell or for a gift, I'd match my thread to the ribbons. As this one was more just a bit of an experiment, I didn't bother.

Pastel Streamer

I made this one by looping the ribbon over the ring and through itself (someone help me out on what this type of knot is called - I'm drawing a blank), then I secured the knots with a dot of fabric glue.  They are attached more tightly than the stitched ribbons, so they stay in place on the ring.  This technique made the ribbons shorter than the previous one, which would make the toy more suitable for a younger child.  Again, I used a reed handle for the ring.

Fabric Scrap Bag

This project was fun and ridiculously easy. I just cut different sizes of a number of fabrics from my stash. I tried to find as many different textures and colors as possible. The felt, flannel, and fleece, I left with raw edges. I bound the edges of the cottons with bias tape. I made a few fabrics double-sided by stitching two with right sides together, turning and top-stitching. I made a running stitch around the edge of the burlap to prevent it from fraying. I also threw in some scraps of trim and lace I had laying around.

I can't wait to see what these fabric become over time. Doll blankets, scarves and capes, playscapes...

I made the bag to hold all the scraps out of fabric I had left over from a table cloth. The ties are straps from an old dress.



Amber Lynn said...

You are awesome. I think I might make Tillie a scrap bag sometime this year.

Anonymous said...

These are so lovely! I"ll bet my boys would enjoy both of these, what great ideas : ) Btw I love the name of your blog!

Michelle@ Learning to Be a Mom said...

I love the rainbow streamer. It looks like so much fun.