Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Self-Sufficiency Plan

January is bread baking and toddler-dressmaking month at Casa de Wannabe.  Our rough plan of recipes and patterns to try this month is as follows:

Week 1
Wheat Quick Bread
Cheddar Twists
Flour Tortillas
Pillowcase Dress

Week 2
Whole Wheat Bread
Pizza Crust
English Muffins
T-Shirt Dress

Week 3
White Sandwich Bread
Pull-Apart Garlic Bread
Buttermilk Biscuits

Week 4
French Bread
Glazed Honey Pan Rolls
"Frugal Brownies"

I'm mostly sticking with The Frugal Girl's bread recipes.  In "The Great Recipe Search of... today," I discovered that her recipes truly are some of the least-expensive and -time intensive ones out there.  Girlfriend knows what she's doing.  My basic formula for mapping out my plan was: one loaf of bread, one bread-y dinner item, and one bread-y item I wouldn't even think of making from scratch under normal circumstances.

Two recipes I chose are not Frugal Girl.  The pizza dough recipe is one I've used many times before and really love.  I usually add fresh rosemary, and it smells as incredible as it tastes.  The flour tortilla recipe is one of the few I could find that doesn't use lard or shortening.  I don't know if that will significantly affect the flavor, but I'm going to give it a try.

The dress patterns are ones that have been burning up my favorite blogs and craft forums lately, and I've been eager to give them a try.  They all require only very basic sewing, which allows this fairly-adept seamstress/horrible baker to devote a bit more time to the kitchen.

Here goes!


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