Friday, October 29, 2010

Harvest Fun

We visited Staheli Family Farm today.  We had such a fun time.

We went on a tractor ride out to the corn maze. Margaret started out like this.

But soon started this.

Before degenerating to this.

And this.

She was happy to be on her feet again when we reached the corn maze.

She had no interest in being carried.

She much preferred to walk.

She even gave it a shot going solo on the uneven terrain.

She played in the hay.

We had some awesome sweet potato fries.

Then Margaret played on the swingset.

And hung out in a big box of dry corn.

She loved watching the chickens.

She resisted all of Mama's photo op attempts.

We went home exhausted and happy.

Bonus shot of Margaret trying on Mama's sunglasses when we got home.


1 comment:

Amber Lynn said...

Margaret is unbelievably cute. I love her pumpkin clip.