Sunday, October 24, 2010

Margaret's Duds

It was finally chilly enough this weekend to pull out Margaret's fall/winter clothes.  We live in the southwest US, so our cool season is short and fairly mild.  I love cool-weather clothes, though.  Sweaters, cords, jewel-tones, tights... love it.

I could pretend to post a bunch of tips for saving money on kids' clothes and sprinkle pictures of her wardrobe throughout, but let's be honest, I just want to show off the cute clothes.  So let's have none of that coyness.

Last winter I got a bunch of cords and sweaters at a Children's Place end-of-season clearance.  At $5 apiece, they're more than I typically spend on individual pieces, but I knew they'd be sturdy enough to get her through the season, and I like the mix-and-match ability they have.  They're perfect paired with some shirts I've made.

She also has a few sets of Carter's play clothes. I got the first at a sale, and the other two were birthday presents from Nana Karen. I like outfits like these for running errands and indoor play.

The first two dresses are Tea Collection from the same sale, and the last I bought on clearance from the Osh Kosh outlet. Paired with a long-sleeved t- and tights, it'll be just right for cool church days.

More Osh Kosh outlet clearance items:

I bought this sweatshirt before I was even married. It's from Target, and it's so incredibly soft and thick.

Left: Carter's outlet jammies. Right: Carter's jammies from Nana Karen.

I bought this coat at an end-of-season clearance from Osh Kosh outlet. It's suede with a faux fur lining, and the little mittens button right onto the sleeves. It's big enough to get her through the next two winters, I think.

Another Children's Place end-of-season buy. I bought this wool coat online and planned to use it last year, but it was too big. It fits perfectly now.

I've stocked up on tights throughout the past year from outlets, on clearance, and other good deals. They'll be great for extending the life of her (many!) summer dresses.

I bought her two pairs of Wee Squeak shoes from an Olivia Place sale (just $10/pair!). She loves stomping around in them. I like that the squeakers can be taken out when we visit the library or go to church. The company says the squeaking encourages babies to walk with the proper heel-toe movement. I just think it's just fun what a kick she gets out of them.

I also bought her a couple pairs of Robeez at the sale I mentioned above. Good for errands or indoor play.

And, finally, are these boots from Target. They're perfect for rough outdoor play, and they're lined with faux fur, so they're soft and cozy. I nearly bought these instead, but I was worried the softer decorative suede would get ruined at the park.


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