Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Double puffy braid "headband," fishtail braids

I wish the lighting had been better and my girl more cooperative for photos, because this turned out to be a really cute hairstyle. Meg is insisting that every hair style have two braids right now, so I've been trying to get creative on top to keep things interesting.

I made a row of puffy braids going horizontally along the front of her head in a faux headband. Then I made a second row behind and parallel to the first. I took the tail from the first row and pulled it into the last pony, then I took that final tail and pulled it down into one of two fishtail braids.

*I don't like to pull Meg's hair too tightly, both for her comfort and to avoid damaging her hair. I only heat treat (blowdry or use the curling iron) and use product on rare special occasions. You'll get a more polished look if you do these things, but I'd rather she be comfy and protect her hair while she's so young. I think she still looks darling even with things a bit looser.*


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