Friday, January 25, 2013

Zigzag part, sideways French braid pigtails

This was a really simple hairstyle and looked so sweet.

I gave Meg a zigzag part all the way from forehead to neck. I French braided both sides of the part, but I only pulled new strands into the braid from the center of her head, never on the outside strands by the ears. (So for the braid pictured above, I only pulled new strands of hair in when I was crossing a strand on the left, not when I was crossing a strand on the right.) This made the braid turn on its side.

Bonus super-messy playroom for your viewing pleasure!

*I don't like to pull Meg's hair too tightly, both for her comfort and to avoid damaging her hair. I only heat treat (blowdry or use the curling iron) and use product on rare special occasions. You'll get a more polished look if you do these things, but I'd rather she be comfy and protect her hair while she's so young. I think she still looks darling even with things a bit looser.*


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