Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Uneven strand braids, triple ponies with split center

This was our first fancy hairstyle on a preschool day, and you can see that we didn't manage a straight part. The rest turned out nicely, though. I pulled back the front of the hair into three small ponies. I split the center one and joined each half of it to one of the small side ponies. Then they each joined pigtail braids made with three uneven strands. Finished it off with a couple of our flower clips, and we managed to make it out the door in time for school!

*I don't like to pull Meg's hair too tightly, both for her comfort and to avoid damaging her hair. I only heat treat (blowdry or use the curling iron) and use product on rare special occasions. You'll get a more polished look if you do these things, but I'd rather she be comfy and protect her hair while she's so young. I think she still looks darling even with things a bit looser.*


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