Saturday, August 11, 2012

Uppercase and Lowercase Matching Eggs Toy

I've mentioned before that I have no real desire to incorporate "academics" into Margaret's life right now. She'll be three at the end of the month, and I feel she has much more important things to be exploring than math and writing and reading. Desk time and workbooks and traditional flashcards just aren't our thing around here.

I've also mentioned before that Margaret loves signing. So much so that her ASL vocabulary and grammar is beginning to far exceed mine (I haven't taken a real class in almost 10 years). As a result of her signing, she's learned the manual (fingerspelling) alphabet. This triggered a passion for letters in her. She gets so excited when she sees "ABCs," and she loves naming and matching letters. Since this is something she has a personal interest in, we incorporate letters into our play frequently, just as we do shapes and colors and other symbols.

With that in mind, I decided to have a shot at uppercase/lowercase matching eggs I've seen numerous times on Pinterest. Meg loves Easter eggs, and she always has a few dozen floating around her playroom. I nicked a few and wrote an uppercase letter on one half and its lowercase partner on the other half. I did each letter on the same colored half as a control of error, and it would add an extra challenge to do them on different colors with older kids.

I started by just giving her a few, so she wouldn't be overwhelmed, but she immediately asked for more, and she quickly matched up all 26 pairs. She loves cracking them all apart and matching them back up, naming the letters and colors of the eggs

It would be fun to match other things for extension activities. Dots to numerals, two halves of stickers, pictures to sight words.


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