Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's going to be a long day

Last night Margaret awoke, screaming, at 3 am.  It continued until 5 am, when I finally brought her into bed with us.  She promptly fell asleep, and I clung to the edge of the bed for the next two hours while she and Fritz stretched out over our queen.  She was up for the day at 7 am when Fritz left for work.

Now I'm reading this site (moderate swearing, you've been warned) and roaring with laughter.  It's really not that funny.  But I'm gasping for breath, my cheeks hurt, and I can't stop the bubbles of laughter.  Is this what it feels like to be high on more than just life?  If so, I think I finally see the appeal.

Mommy needs a nap.


1 comment:

Amber Lynn said...

Tillie got up super-early today too. I found that website to be hilarious.