Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some Margaret Stuff

The other day I left Margaret playing in the basement for a minute while I ran upstairs to get a drink. A millisecond later, I heard clapping and looked over to the top of the stairs to see her sitting there, applauding her speedy scaling skills.

Like most babies, Margaret loves to have bites of whatever I'm eating. The other day I was snacking on some trail mix. The refrain of "More? More? More?" began, so I bit a raisin in half and gave it to her. Next thing I know she's biting her Cheerios in half and shoving them in my mouth. This game is apparently endlessly amusing, as it still hasn't stopped.

Some recent pictures:

She eats like such a lady.

Uh, sometimes.

I think she looks like an anime character with her giant head and spiky pigtails.

This is the first time since she was an infant she's sacked out on the floor of her own will. Looks comfy, no?

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