Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shutterfly Photo Books

I made both of these photo books for free (just paid shipping) from Shutterfly with an awesome promotional coupon. If you're interested in photo projects, I so recommend checking them out. They have regular sales and send out the most amazing coupons to their members (just sign up to receive emails). I've made... 11? photo books, a mousepad, a magnet, and a notebook and only ever paid full price for the first item.

The photo books are incredibly simple to make. I think I spent about a half hour apiece on them. You can just upload your pictures to the site, and they'll make your book for you, or you can go the custom route and choose the style of the pages, borders for the pictures, font size/style, how many pictures to put on a page and how they're configured, and more. Their storyboard option allows you to plop your pictures on all of the correct pages to start, then go back and tweak the details.

We also order all our prints through them. Using coupon codes, I only ever pay shipping. Our Shutterfly Christmas cards last year were a huge hit.

I luff Shutterfly!

Whoa, holy tangent, Batman. Anyway, our two most recent photo books:

Here's the book I made of our wedding pictures:

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