Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Day in the Life of Margaret

I wake up niiiiice and early and yell for Mom until she comes in to free me.  As soon as she walks into the room, I pop my paci out and hand it to her.  I can't wait another second to eat!

After I nurse, Mom changes my diaper...

I'm working on perfecting the crocodile death roll during diaper changes.  Mom loves it.

and we head downstairs for breakfast.

Once Mom and Daddy have eaten, and I've consumed many handfuls of Cheerios, Daddy is off to work, and Mom and I go upstairs to get dressed.

Mom chases me around the room, trying to do my hair.  It's really fun!

Then we go downstairs to play with my toys for a bit.

Mom tries to write a grocery list, and I harass her.

Soon enough, it's time for nap.  I'm a weird kid who likes to go down for a nap just a couple hours after waking up in the morning.

After I sleep for two (quiet) hours, Mom and I have lunch.

I pretend to use my fork until Mom looks away, then I dig in with my hands!

Sometimes Daddy comes home on his lunch hour, and he and Mom watch Jeopardy and shout out the answers while they eat.

Mom and Daddy won't share their enchiladas.

Later in the day, we sometimes go out to run errands or play at the park or library.

When we get home, I pretend I want a nap.

But after playing for a half hour, I bellow for Mom to come back and let me up.

I follow Mom around the kitchen while she makes dinner.  Then I get to eat again!

I play in the bath for a long time after dinner.

I snuggle up in my towel and put jammies on.

Then I play with my stacking cups or make a picture while Mom gets dinner cleaned up and my bed stuff ready.

Tonight I got to finger paint for the first time!

We read some books and sing some songs.

The Going to Bed Book

Then it's off to sleep.  Good night!

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