Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pioneer Day

Nothing says "patriotism" like tiny whales.
We had such a fun Pioneer Day yesterday.

We got up early and went over to our town's parade.  Margaret had absolutely no interest in the fire trucks, vintage cars, decorated golf carts, or people throwing candy and ice pops to the kids.  She did enjoy playing with her hat though, so it's all good.

Later in the evening, our neighbors hosted a block party.  We brought a fruit salad and grilled up some chicken and had a great time getting to know our neighbors and fellow church members.  Fritz played some volleyball, and Margaret made friends with the million little girls swarming her, asking for a chance to hold her.  Our neighborhood is primarily made up of large, established families, so a baby is sort of a novelty.  One little girl in particular was just smitten with Margaret, bringing her toys, wanting to hold her during the fireworks, and asking to come over to our house to play sometime.  So sweet.

The neighborhood boys lit off fireworks in the cul de sac before we headed back home (a whole 20 yards).  Again, Margaret was more interested in the people around her than watching the show.  Weird kid.  Fritz did manage to get her to look at a sparkler for a whopping 8 seconds, though.

It's so fun now that Margaret is getting older and our family is able to create some traditions.  This is one we'll certainly have to continue.

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