Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The past couple of months have been... whew, crazy.

I've been fighting off one bad infection after another since 4/20.  It's amazing how a longer-than-average bout of illness can wipe you out.  I'm finally finishing up my (hopefully!) last bout of antibiotics and trying to get a grip on my house and family again.

Seeing that her mommy was not at her best, Margaret, naturally, decided to finally hit a million milestones we've been waiting on at once.

She's crawling:

Pulling up to stand:

Saying 'mama', 'boo', and 'more': (She usually says it unprompted, but clams up when the camera comes on.)

And generally being her darling, sunshiney self:

In other news, we're finally having our basement carpet (that my grandma way generously paid for as a birthday gift) installed on Thursday.  Fritz and his friends ripped the old carpet out last Wednesday, so we've been stuck upstairs since.  With Margaret's newfound skills, I've had to hole us up in my bedroom (the only completely crawler-proofed room so far).  Girlfriend is not amused.

And, with that, I hear someone squawking from her crib.  Naptime's up!

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