Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Relief Society birthday gifts

One of my callings at church is to acknowledge each woman's birthday.  I wanted to do something fun and crafty, but also useful.  I finally decided on little felt needlebooks.  They can have as much or as little detail as I feel like, and I find mine very handy to have around.

In the past, I've embroidered family and friends' names on the ones I made for them, but I was worried that would be too time-intensive with such a large group.  Instead, I found a bag of cute coordinating buttons and sewed a few onto the front of each book.  The books consist of three strips of felt bound together with embroidery floss, with a decorative blanket-stitch around the cover.


Amber Lynn said...

Those are so cute!

J said...

Love it!! I want one!

alyssababyyyy said...
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alyssababyyyy said...

ya, super cute... that's great how both Nana AND Mom have one but your little sister doesn't. ALSO! I am having a hard time reading books lately. I always loose my place! WONDER HOW I CAN FIX THAT!?!?!


All My Love,
Alyssa <3
(your favorite sister who recently bought you a ROCKIN' necklace)

alyssababyyyy said...