Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cloth Diapers for Poppy Seed

While I'm still feeling quite sick, much worse than during my pregnancy with Margaret in fact, I've been hit by a sewing bug the past week or so. I took the opportunity to get some projects done for Poppy Seed, namely cloth nursing pads and cloth diapers. We're on a veeeeery tight budget until we see if Poppy Seed is going to behave and allow us to go through with a midwife birth, so I wanted to do these as economically as possible.

The nursing pads are simply 1 layer of fleece and 3 layers of flannel. Both materials were cast-offs from my mom. Free is great! I traced around a Nesquik lid for the shape (we have plenty of those hanging about, as it's all I can stomach many days) and surged all 4 layers together. Easy peasy.

I've never cloth diapered a newborn. We didn't start with Margaret until she was 6 weeks old. We used basic pinned prefolds and covers for her, which worked fine, but they could be a bit of a pain sometimes. For Poppy Seed, I made a variety so we can see what fits and works best.

The 2 all-in-ones are made from 1 layer of PUL and 2 layers of Birdseye pique (both of which I already had on hand), and 8 layers of flannel for the internal soaker (more free fabric from my mom).

The 2 pockets are made from 1 layer of on-hand PUL and 2 layers of Mom's flannel. The inserts are 3 layers of cute flannel remnants I had left over from making blocks.

The pocket in action.

The cutest diapers are undoubtedly the flannel fitteds. They're made of 3 layers of nice flannel I had on hand with internal soakers of 8 layers of mom's flannel.

I can already picture a little bum all snuggled up in these.

I made all the diapers in size small rather than newborn, as I assume we'll get a bit more wear out of them this way. They have fold-over laundry tabs and an extender tab in case I manage to get a peanut of a baby this time. I'd love to get a snap press at some point so I can make one-size diapers. Ahh, someday. For now, I managed 24 nursing pads and 8 diapers for a grand total of... FREE! Yay!


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autumnlass said...

Wow! You've done some amazing work! I love your fabrics. Your baby is going to be styling. :)