Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Newest Indoor Art Supply Storage

First there was this, then we updated things a bit, then we moved the indoor art supplies downstairs to our fancy new playroom. And here's what we have now:

The "small paper" drawers hold small sheets of foam from Dollar Tree, quarters of construction paper (I chop a big stack up periodically with my paper cutter), and Post-It notes. I didn't take a good picture of the "paper" magazine file, but it holds expanding file folders from Dollar Tree to separate the Color Wonder, watercolor, envelopes and blank cards, catalogues, scrapbook, and plain paper.

The ubiquitous Ikea Bygel rail and cups. I love that Meg can easily grab a cup and carry it to where she's working.

It's all quite functional. My 18 month old, 3.5 year old, and their friends have no problem accessing everything they need to create and play with art materials. I have been thinking about changing out all the square containers on the bottom shelf with the clear plastic jars on the first shelf (the ones that house crayons and markers), but for now, I'm pleased with how things look and function.

You may have noticed that the sensory materials are now missing. They've been moved to the kitchen, since that's where they're most often played with, and it's much easier to clean up spilled rice and moon sand from the hard floors than it is on carpet.


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