Friday, August 20, 2010

Ain't No Party Like a Scranton Party!

Margaret is one year old!

We're totally excited.

But also a little wistful to see her growing up so fast.

While brainstorming ideas for Margaret's first birthday party, my mom suggested we theme the party around Margaret's favorite TV show.  Our quirky little thing doesn't care for The Wiggles or Max and Ruby or Mickey Mouse.  No, the only TV show to ever have caught her eye is The Office.

So we decided to just go for it and give our one year old an Office themed party.  I had such fun coming up with ways to incorporate the show's many in-jokes into the decor, invitations, food, and even the birthday girl's outfit.  I think Michael Scott, Jim and Pam, and all the others would have felt right at home.

Some details:
3-Hole Punch Margaret

homemade party hat and birthday girl cupcake



passive-aggressive note on microwave

table and homemade vending machine

office supply centerpiece

Pam's sketch of the branch, framed

Princess Unicorn cupcakes (Polly Pockets stuck into cupcakes, with a sprinkle attached to their heads with frosting)

Post-It labels

"Schrute Farm" pickled beets

"Big Tuna" sandwiches

"George Foreman foot" burgers (patties were still on the grill)

Margaret-face cups (Margaret's face Photo Shopped onto a star, cut out, and Mod Podged to white cups)

What's a break room without awkwardly lined-up chairs?

half-inflated brown, black, and grey balloons hung with twine and masking tape

Margaret was so happy to see the cake...

She eventually got over the trauma of being sung to.

And maybe even enjoyed herself a bit.

Or a lot.

from Mama and Daddy

from Auntie Lyss Lyss

from Nana and Grandpa

from Nana and Grandpa

from Nana Karen

from Nana Karen

opening gifts

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