Sunday, April 11, 2010

Melissa & Doug puzzle review

We love Melissa & Doug around here. Love. The toys are cute and safe and offer some fun twists you don't find in a lot of the bigger-name toy brands.

A few weeks ago, I got a tip on some M&D puzzle deals at (I think) a Christian homeschooling supply store. I spent a good hour and a half waffling back and forth over all the fun choices before I finally placed my order.

They came on Thursday, and I immediately broke into the box to try them out let Meg try them out. They're all still just a bit old for her, but she had fun pounding away and sucking on everything.

When I was shopping, I knew I had to have the chunky tool puzzle. I don't know why, but the idea of puzzle pieces shaped like tools just tickles me. When my mom saw it this weekend, she mentioned that I had a similar puzzle as a child. Great minds and all that, I guess. The puzzle lives up to its name, as the pieces are nice chunky hunks of wood.

I had trouble deciding between the vehicle maze puzzle and the hide and seek farm... so, naturally, I bought them both. The maze puzzle has 9 different locations to match each vehicle to. The cars and trucks slide along the track and can't be removed. No small pieces to lose! The hide and seek farm has a different magnetic animal behind each door. I liked the idea of opening little doors to develop motor skills, and eventually it can be a fun memory game.

One important thing to note, these are not meant to be teething toys. Meg already did a bit of a number on the Phillip's head by sucking on it. These will best be saved for a time when everything doesn't immediately go in her mouth. I'm so glad I snatched up such great deals, though!

Another gold star in my book for Melissa & Doug.


Amber Lynn said...

Yes, our chunky wood animal puzzle has seen a little too much of Tillie's mouth.

alyssababyyyy said...

she is soo much thinner than/then (<-- idk?) the last time I saw her!