Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Large Marge

Margaret had a check-up yesterday and we learned that at 7 months, our little chunk is already 20 lbs!

She's in the 93% for weight, and the 90% for height. Too bad Fritz wasn't smart enough to "mark her in a way that only [he would] know" while she was being delivered. Switched at birth, this one was.

Dr. T told Margaret (and her parents) that she's being very naughty for still eating every 4 hours all through the night and that a great grown girl like she is should be sleeping better. Let's see if his words hold more weight than ours for our little ruffian.

In other news, we broke out the mesh feeder this afternoon and gave Meg a piece of pear. She enjoyed it very much. Wish I'd have gotten pictures.

Time to get the high chair out of the garage, I think. We have this cheap Cosco high chair I bought when providing daycare out of the house a few years ago. I like the simple design for clean-up, but it doesn't match our kitchen at all. I contemplated buying a new one but then decided that if I just paint the legs black and sew a new cover for the back, it will look just fine. So that's the plan for tomorrow. We'll see if it actually gets done..

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