Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Margaret's Pad

It occurs to me that I've never gotten around to showing off Margaret's nursery. You know, before I had Meg I always thought going all out to decorate a nursery before a baby was born was a colossal waste of time. Cute nurseries are really more for a parent's benefit than the child's. And, in theory, I still believe that. But try to tell that to an 8 months pregnant woman in full-on nesting mode.

We moved into our current house this past summer when I was in my third trimester. It was a crazy time with being so pregnant, Fritz's long hours at work, and our demanding foster kids. I was severely anemic and dealing with preterm labor. Through all this, though, emotional me just couldn't stand the idea of bringing my little one home to an unfinished nursery.

We didn't even need it done for practical reasons. We planned on having the baby sleep in our room for at least the first few months, and they really need so little in those early days. But I wanted a tangible way to express just how excited for and in love with this little one I was.

It's sappy, but when I look around her nursery even now, all I can see is that love I and others had for this child none of us even knew yet.

I dragged myself out of bed one day and, trying very hard not to exert myself and hasten my bug's arrival (ha!) put together her crib - the crib I used as a baby.

My husband spent a few of his days off getting a base coat of aqua on the walls, and my mom painted a really fun mural. I wanted it sort of organic and abstract, and I like the way it resembles fire, water, and grass all at once.

I sewed the bedding and throw pillow in her crib, and my grandma recovered the glider we bought on Craigslist and also sewed the valance.

The nightstand and dresser were from my childhood furniture set. The finish was a bit worn and dated, so I refinished them myself. That's when I first discovered my obsession for furniture restoration.

I've already talked before about our adventures refinishing and assembling the changing table. I also sewed the changing pad cover.

The monkeys are one of the things I'm most proud of. I described the process of making them here (scroll down).

So that's little Meg's room. I still get a kick out of it every time I go in there, and it's still the only room in the house that's completely finished.

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alyssababyyyy said...

plus Meg truely does love it. she has since she was born!