Monday, February 22, 2010


Function, brain, function! I'm in a fog the past few weeks. Man! There are all these things I want to work on, but my head can't seem to morph the ideas into action.

I have gotten a few things finished lately, though. Most noteworthy, my massive (at least it felt like it!) bib order:

We're also buckling down a bit on Meg's sleep schedule. Girl thinks 27 catnaps/day will suffice, and doesn't realize that her mother is nearing the point of babbling incoherently to the walls while plucking at her hair. But, let's face it, nobody really cares to read about someone else's sleep training methods. Moving right along...

Margaret has figured out how to pull faces. She's settled on a particularly... special one* as her signature move. She loves to play a little game where she holds her silly face until you laugh loudly, then she grins at everyone else in the room before resuming the funny face for you again. Repeat until the grownups get bored (heaven knows she won't). I really need to get a video of her doing it.

*The best way I can think to describe the face is that she pulls her upper lip down over her gums, turns the corners of her mouth into a frown, and raises her eyebrows and her little nose. Sort of a skeptical look, I suppose. Or an "any bats in the cave?" expression...

Firefox spell checker doesn't recognize the word 'gums'? Honestly?

The little one is also enjoying trading "goo"s back and forth. Like this:

Ok, dude, I really do need to go fold some laundry now if I want to get any sleep tonight. Best motivation I know for getting the laundry folded: sort it on the middle of the bed. This friendly household tip brought to you by the domestic goddess. You're welcome. (I just typed "your welcome." Take my temperature.)

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