Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Proper Book Nook

As soon as I get my current projects wrapped up, I'm rewarding myself by painting the sitting room. I'm going with a camel on most of the walls. I've used Olympic's camel in the sitting room of every one of my homes. Our furniture and d├ęcor is so colorful that I'm afraid anything else would make the whole room busy, and it's such a smooth, creamy color.

I'm toying around with the idea of doing a different color in the window nook, though. We have a quart of Glidden's deepest woodland green (from that free paint giveaway they did this summer) that I think would complement our moss green loveseat.

I'm also thinking it might be fun to paper the nook in book pages. I've always said that I thought it'd be so cool to have an art museum where every art piece was simply a framed book page. This would be a (slightly) less eccentric way of seeing that dream realized. This site has some neat ideas in the same vein. I can't decide between using dictionary pages or ones from a favorite book like Little Women.

In other news, Margaret's laying on her playmat next to me. She keeps doing that breathing-in-squeal-thing that babies are so good at, to try to get my attention. When I look down at her, she grins and raises and lowers her eyebrows quickly with an expression that clearly says, "Come on, pick me up. You know you want to."

She is such a card lately. She's perfected a throaty growl, learned to put her paci in her mouth all by herself, and awards every sneeze of mine with big belly laughs.

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