Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blocks and Bibs

I've been working on some new things for my Etsy (and Margaret, as she gets all of my practice items).

First up are some soft "sensory" blocks. I've been experimenting with different fabrics to really amp up the textural element. So far I've tried: flannel, felt, cotton, chenille, fleece, lace, tulle, net, corduroy, rib knit, and rayon. I put ribbon tags and loops on some, and jingle bells inside. Behold:

I'm selling them for $2 apiece on Etsy and $1 apiece with the friends and family discount.

I've also received a custom order for some sleeved bibs and splat mats. The customer and I worked back and forth to create some bibs to perfectly suit her daughter's needs. We added sleeves, a pocket that hits at tummy-height and stands out with boning to catch crumbs, made them extra long, gave them adjustable necks, and coordinated some really fun fabrics. I've finished half of the order so far and am just waiting on more fabric to be delivered. I'm using a designer laminated cotton that is just too awesome. (BPA- and phthalate- free!)

I tried one of the bibs on Margaret before the pocket was attached:

Meg's just a month away from solid foods and methinks I'll have to make her a few.

Here are the mats:

I'm selling these custom bibs and mats just about at cost to my customer in exchange for some recommendations to her friends. When I list them on Etsy, they'll be $12/bib ($10 for friends and family) and $15/mat ($12 friends and family).

Next up:
crinkly "taggie" blankets to coordinate with the blocks
appliqued name blocks


Amber said...

I can't wait til the bibs are posted. I think Tillie needs one.

(Pineapple Lunchbox)

alyssababyyyy said...

make me the blue ones for my cedar chest!!!!!!!!!