Sunday, June 24, 2012

Maisie James

Before I begin, a brief note on sponsored reviews, recommendations, and other content. As a rule, I don't do them. I've had a number of requests, and I just don't think they're right for this blog. I think the blogging world is a beautiful place, and I love the free exchange of ideas, thoughts, and feelings. I've learned a lot and been so inspired by many of the blogs I read, but I do notice the quality of content tends to suffer once sponsorship comes into play. I don't want to ever plug a product or service I don't completely adore or think fits the theme of my blog, and I don't want the pressure to post on a schedule, for fear of falling into the trap of posting just for the sake of posting. I don't want a cluttered blog full of advertisements and lacking in real content. So there's that.

I do want to share the Etsy shop of a family member today, Maisie James Designs. You'll probably notice a familiar little model in some of the pictures. ;)

Karen has been working as a professional seamstress, making boutique children's clothes and items for over 2 decades. Her work is impeccable. No detail is missed, and the quality is far superior to anything you'll find in stores. She has such an eye for color and design. The items are made from designer fabrics expertly paired in stylish, attractive combinations.

The shop currently features beautiful apron knot dresses, a few of which we are fortunate to own. My little lady loves them for twirling.

Pop on over to the shop if you have a chance, and check back often as she adds her aprons, toys, and other clothing items. If my little guy ever gives me a moment, I may add my baby blocks to the mix, as I've had a few emails asking if I still offer them.


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