Friday, January 20, 2012

Hanging Hand Puppet Storage

I've been looking for something on/in which to store the hand puppets Margaret got for Christmas. I saw a tip online to use a plate rack to hang them on, but I was having trouble finding one that would work well and for the right price.

The other day while browsing Target's Dollar Spot, I found a teal over the door metal hook for just $2.50. I figured for that price, even if it didn't work for the puppets, I could utilize it elsewhere in the house.

Fortunately, it worked like a charm, holding all of her hand puppets perfectly.

I tried it out on the closet door in her playroom (which always stands open) and on the closet rod.

Both worked well, but I think I might bend the hooks straight and drill holes in them so I can hang it lower on the wall where she can get to the puppets herself. For now, though, the unit keeps the toys up off the floor, which is just what I need it to do.



Big red dress said...

Love it. My kids don't much get into the hand puppets though.

You've inspired me to make some sort of crafty thing to store Princess H's many hair accoutrements.

Laura Ingalls wannabe said...

I need to do something about Margaret's hair things, too. I made a bow holder once, but she's using claw-type clips more now, and they don't work well on the existing piece. Must brainstorm. You'll have to share what you come up with.