Friday, February 18, 2011

February Self-Sufficiency Plan

Thanks to a time-consuming new assignment at church (secretary of our children's organization), I've fallen behind a bit on my blogging. I'm pleased to say that I haven't fallen behind on my self-sufficiency goals, though.

I did have to alter them a bit after sorting through some tubs in Margaret's closet, however. If you recall, my plan was to hand make Margaret's summer wardrobe this year. Happily, I found a tub full of lovely hand-me-downs and purchased-ahead clearance items that will take her easily all the way through this coming spring, summer, fall, and winter. I'll still be making her a few pieces for the novelty of it, but I don't need nearly the volume I originally thought.

So I tweaked my plan a bit and was able to fit in a few things I hadn't thought I'd be able to. Yay!

Here's the plan I worked off of for February:

Week 5
Make Valentine's decor and gifts
- heart garland
- outfit for Margaret
- ribbon streamer ring for Margaret

Week 6
Update emergency supplies
- 72 hour kits
- first-aid kits
- car kits
- other supplies

Week 7
Update 1-year storage
- household goods
- toiletries/cosmetics
- food

Week 8
Make homemade cleaners
Sew capris for Margaret

Keep an eye out for updates!


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