Friday, February 25, 2011

Felt Fridge Magnets - Woodland

I've been working on some more self-sufficiency update posts, but my camera battery has decided it can handle taking only one picture before begging to be recharged, and it's proving difficult to secure a post's worth of photos.  I'm ready to pull my hair out.

I did want to share some fun I've been having the past couple of days, though. Margaret and I have RSV, and she's been down for over a week now (my big, macho immune system is fighting it off much better than hers). Yesterday, I gave in and let her destroy my craft room so I could spend some time making these:

They're felt fridge magnets, inspired by Samster Mommy's. Simply a small, strong magnet sandwiched between two pieces of cut-out felt that are then blanket-stitched closed (any embellishment is added to the top piece before attaching the two together). They're deliciously addicting to make. I freehand my designs, but you can get hundreds of free patterns on the internet. I'm planning on making some jungle animal ones next. Maybe I'll even go for it and make some letters and numbers. I'd been eyeing these Melissa and Doug letters and numbers, but I hear the lead content in the magnets is high. Enclosing magnets in felt solves this issue.


Seed beads stitched on to mimic sunflower seeds.  The stiff petal edges curl nicely to appear more realistic.


Squirrel has two magnets so tail won't flop around.






Sophie said...

These are sooo cute! I think the songbird is my favourite (love the little button eye)... or maybe it's the owl. Or maybe the squirrel. Or maybe just all of them :)

Amber Lynn said...

The squirrel is awesome. I need to make one as a clip for Tillie.