Monday, October 19, 2009

Studio Portraits

We took Margaret to have pictures taken in her blessing gown today. The dress is over fifty years old and was used for my mom, aunt, sister, and my own blessing. My grandma crocheted the blanket, booties, and bonnet.

We also got some pictures of her in her sweet little owl outfit. Her owl blankie and pillow were there too, but got cropped out of these ones.

And a few pictures of Meg getting ready on her big day:

Make sure you get my good side!

Yike my hattum?

Yeah, 's cool.


alyssababyyyy said...

oh my goodness! those first two are so sweet. she is precious in them. the cutest girl, ever. and I love when you post silly ones of her & put captions. ohh I just love her (: (:

alyssababyyyy said...

I just realized I can click & make those others bigger. haha. duhh.

is she pretend? she is so posing in those professional ones! prefect poses.