Monday, September 29, 2008

More fun than a...

We've finally got the playroom completely finished! Yay. We put up the hanging hamper and did the touch-up painting today.

It's kinda slouchy from being folded up, but it'll straighten up over time.

We also painted the nursery and put up the Ikea gems we picked up this weekend. As it stands, the nursery is perfectly habitable. I'd just like to get the wall art made and recover the glider before I can call it truly "done." I should wait until it's finished, but I can't resist sharing a few pictures now.

Awesome tangerine walls.

The hanging unit for diaper storage.

The best view I could get of the leaf canopy. It's hanging off-center, because the glider will go next to the crib (the saucer's sitting there as a place-holder) when it's finished.

Bad lighting, but this shows the rest of the room. The blue hanging unit is for laundry. The baskets hold hats, socks, and bibs.

In a previous post, I mentioned making wall art from foam board wrapped in batting and fabric. I had been planning on doing two large animal shapes, but I've decided instead to do 8 Barrel of Monkeys figures. I thought it'd be cute to have them sort of linked up running atop the windows, around the corner, and over the closet. A picture of a Barrel of Monkeys shape, in case you had a sad monkeyless childhood:

So, that's that for now. Can't put off the ironing any longer, I guess. Bleh.

Oh, I did want to also show off the play mat we got at Ikea. I was waffling at the store, but Fritz talked me into it. I'm glad he did. It really was a good deal, and it's just too cute.

And it folds up so easily!

Ok, that's really it now.


alyssababyyyy said...

that looks so cool! just how I imagined it! I can't wait to see it for real. I absolutely adore (whom I absolutely adore.. quote that movie!) the leaf canopy. & the monkey idea is so fun. I love it & I can't wait to see that too!

a Laura Ingalls wannabe said...

It Takes Two! Come see it this weekend, k? K? K?!!