Friday, October 4, 2013

Hairstyle Photo Dump

Today's bento photo dump inspired me to go back through some other photos on my computer that I may not have had a chance to share on the blog. I found a number of hairstyles Meg wore earlier this year when she was in her fancy stage, and I figured I'd give them a quick dump as well.

Three topsy-tails on top. Braided the middle tail straight down. Used the outside tails and the middle braid to start a chunky French braid with the remaining hair. This style would have looked much neater if I'd started with wetter hair, but Meg hates having her hair sprayed in winter.

I believe Meg wore this to church the Sunday before Valentine's Day. Just a simple topsy-tail-turned-heart (There are tutorials all over Pinterest and YouTube - it's a very simple trick to execute.) with the rest of the hair braided down her back.

This was on Valentine's Day. I did a side topsy-tail heart and made it meet a sideways French braid that wrapped from the top of her left ear to the bottom of her right ear. This looked much softer and prettier as the hair dried.

Top half topsy-tailed. Tail split in half and brought down to meet two pigtail braids. This one was very pretty in person and stayed in well.

"Puffy braid headband" across the top of her head pulled down to meet a messy bun beneath and behind her right ear.

Dramatic zigzag part, pigtail puffy braids, ending in low pigtails.

Three topsy-tails on top. Middle tail split and pulled down to meet the outside tails joined with sections of lower hair. These tails crisscrossed and joined with all remaining hair in low pigtails.

Fourth of July short hair hairstyle. Two twisty knots on top. Pieces of lower hair behind the ears braided up and pinned behind knots with bows. Glitter spray.

Two very messy low curled pigtails. Scrap of fabric rolled and wrapped around head and tied. Bobby pins near pigtails to ensure the fabric stayed put through play. Glitter spray.

Two topsy-tails on top, split to make three more topsy-tails, all pulled down to join rest of hair in a messy bun. Pom pom headband.


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Courtney @PrettyCheap said...

aww these are all super cute! you're so creative, i love it!!